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The Miracle of Coconut Oil

A Trip to Colorado Springs

When we first got interested in bringing coconut oil from Kenya back to the United States, we didn't really know too much about it. We knew it was an oil and that it you could cook with it, but that it was full of saturated fats that should be used in moderation at best. As we began doing research of our own, we quickly realized just how much mis-information is out there. We found study after study that detailed the many benefits of coconut oil not only for internal use but also for skin care. Afer all, the skin is our body's largest organ..


It was while we were doing this research that we came across Dr. Bruce Fife, a leading expert on coconut oil. We thought to ourselves..."It sure would be cool if we could interview him and share his coconut wisdom with everyone." So...we called him up and asked him if we could pepper him with questions and put it all on camera. To our surprise he said, "sure, how about next week." What a cool guy!


Quickly we loaded up the car with all our video equipment and drove out to Colorado Springs. This video is the fruits of that trip. We thought we knew a lot about coconut oil before interviewing Dr. Fife,but we soon learned much more.


We hope this video does the same for you...and of course, a special thanks to Dr. Fife.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of coconut oil you can check out Dr. Fife's organization:
The Coconut Research Center